Where Are Remote Tech Workers Going to Relocate?

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As a tech worker, you quickly realize the trade-off you’re making with your career path: Great location, fantastic networking opportunities, and high pay… at the expense of ludicrously high living costs. 

Yet thanks to the coronavirus crisis and the generosity of several companies in allowing employees to indefinitely work from home, that trade-off is effectively gone. You can live in a state/city with a low cost of living and still reap all the benefits. 

In other words, now you get to have your cake and eat it too!

So where should you migrate to? Which city will allow you to both live well AND save up a ton of money? 

Assuming you no longer want to live in a coastal state like California, you have several options available to you. 

Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida are some great starting points. Low income taxes, thriving tech sectors, and all the city amenities you could possibly want. 

Moreover, you can buy homes for absurdly low prices compared to what you were previously spending. 

What would barely be enough for a 2-bedroom apartment in downtown San Francisco or Los Angeles can EASILY get you a large and gorgeous home in one of the Southern states (while having plenty of cash left over). 

The way I see it, your options are virtually limitless. And if you happen to have a few close friends who live in your areas of interest, you can even lock on a solid deal that’s not advertised anywhere else. 

So let me ask you this: If you had to relocate right now for remote work, which city/state would be the BEST choice from a financial standpoint and why? Reply to this newsletter with your hidden locations – let’s help all of our readers find the perfect living spot!

The Newest Museum Attraction: Abandoned Cruise Ships

If you happen to be in the United Kingdom and you want to take a seaside trip as part of your tourist adventures, I have a brand-new trip you won’t want to miss out on. 

Along the English Channel, there are an abundant number of “ghost cruise ships” that are stuck at sea. 

They can’t return to port right now and they have no choice but to stay where they are. The money they have to pay to stay afloat is peanuts compared to the exorbitant costs of staying docked. Even if they could afford it, the ports literally cannot accommodate all of the abandoned cruise ships. Some of them will likely stay away from shore for the foreseeable future. 

I can’t quite explain this in words, but it’s quite a novel sight to see. And yes, these ships still have crew members living in them. Since they’re consuming a minimal amount of power and cannot refuel for the time being, it makes for quite a sight during the early evening. 

Several travel agencies have these types of sightseeing trips fully booked within an hour after posting them. And it’s no wonder, considering this event won’t last forever. So, if you have the chance, grab a ticket while you can!

Travel Agents Are F*cked Beyond All Recognition

As you have probably heard on numerous occasions, the international travel industry is in a really bad spot right now. 

The recent figures reported by the U.S. Travel Association should give you a preview of just how devastating the current predicament is: 

  • 11% of all employment in the United States before the coronavirus came entirely from the hospitality sector
  • However, it currently accounts for 40% of the unemployment in America
  • Between March and April, 8.45 million jobs in the hospitality sector were eliminated… that’s 50% of ALL the jobs in this industry!
  • Over 25% of workers in hospitality are still unemployed

How will they get out of this? Well, it seems as if the only path forward is through federal government aid, which is precisely why the travel industry is lobbying like madmen to receive some form of relief specifically catered towards their workers. 

However, I doubt they will get it. It seems as if bailing out airlines who have already expressed plans to issue record layoffs on October 1st is a bigger priority for our government…

The BEST Time to Travel Is… Right Now?

In spite of all the negativity surrounding the travel industry, there does appear to be a beacon of light for travelers who don’t mind taking a few risks. 

We’ve seen several shares in airlines receive a big boost due to the five-month highs for air travel volumes in America… even though TSA checks are down 70% from last year. 

And why wouldn’t they, especially when flights are literally dirt-cheap right now? It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone who is struggling financially yet needs to itch their traveling bug. 

Just take a look at some of these prices… $50 for a roundtrip to Los Angeles from NYC, $27 to go from NYC to Miami (or Dallas, or Atlanta). 

I’m not even making this up. For as low as the price of a decent restaurant meal, you can literally hop on a plane and go to virtually any city you want in the United States. Even as an expert master in using credit points and airline deals, I was NEVER able to achieve these low rates before the pandemic started.

Just make sure you wear a mask at all times if you do decide to fly, otherwise you’ll get blacklisted from the airline and lose all your privileges when COVID-19 is successfully taken care of…

Why Are Airlines Increasing Their Services to Florida!?

Florida continues to be one of the few American states insistent on an aggressive re-opening approach. As such, they are naturally more open towards opportunities that will inherently increase domestic tourism. 

This is fantastic news for the airlines, whose upcoming schedules include a LOT of new flights to the hurricane state:

  • Delta Airlines – 129 flights per day to Florida from 16 different airports
  • JetBlue – 18 new routes to Florida will be added this month from cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia
  • American Airlines – already increased domestic capacity towards several Florida destinations in July
  • United Airlines – 28 non-stop daily flights to be added in Q2 2020 towards Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Fort Myers

All of this in spite of Florida remaining as one of the hotspots for COVID-19 transmission. But hey, Florida is far more reliant on tourism compares to many of the other states in America. 

Would YOU want to visit Florida right now? Reply to this newsletter and comment with your “YES” or “NO” answer!

30 Cities to Be Dropped from American Airlines’ Flying Schedule

According to some insider resources, American Airlines’ new fall schedule sees a potential cancelation of flights serving nearly 30 smaller-sized and medium-sized cities. The anonymous sources would not comment on finalized details, or the motive behind this move. 

So allow us to fill in the blanks and tell you what’s really going on…

American Airlines received $5.8 billion in federal aid to keep their operations running through September 30th. In exchange, they are required to keep their employees on payroll and provide a minimum amount of service. 

But the deadline for this deal is fast approaching, and the airline needs to prepare for the final quarter of 2020. They need to cut as many costs as possible to avoid losing more money than they already have. 

They’re going to achieve this through the two means that they were explicitly NOT allowed to use: Significantly reducing the amount of service they will provide, and firing as many employees as possible. 

Just one problem: They will likely demand several more billions of dollars in federal aid until March 2021. And if they want that sweet emergency cash, there’s a high chance they’ll have to abide by the rules of the deal they made with the United States government. 

Either that, or they strike out on their own and pray for their survival as a company nearing their 85th year of being in business…

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