Used Masks and Gloves: A Potential Biohazard?

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You ever raise your eyebrows at people who throw away their contaminated masks and gloves into the public trash bins?

I know I certainly have. If it’s true that people can be infected with COVID-19 and transmit it without showing any symptoms, aren’t we technically creating a ticking biohazardous time-bomb?

According to an investigative report done by The Financial Times, we’re not alone in this thinking.

Disposable, single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) has been showing up everywhere. The ocean, the streets, and anywhere else they’re not supposed to be.

Hospital workers and public citizens are buying them in droves to keep themselves protected when they leave their homes (or take care of patients).

But unfortunately, it seems as if the worldwide push towards best measures for eradicating the coronavirus has made us forget about the basic rule to RECYCLE your disposables by placing them in the appropriate bin.

We’re talking about many different types of plastics, all possibly contaminated with the coronavirus, being carelessly disposed of. And since we don’t have any effective decontamination process discovered that lets us re-use them, we’re basically throwing them out like they’re ordinary trash.

Let’s put it this way: The World Wildlife Fund for nature claims that if just 1% of masks are incorrectly disposed of, 10 MILLION masks will end up polluting rivers and oceans (which leads to the release of toxic pollutants).

And since there’s no established procedures at any level of government to throw out masks and gloves, there’s nothing that can be done about this problem.

Here’s the real irony of all this… up until the 1980s, PPE were designed to be re-usable. Once the medical device industry realized the profitability of single-use products, all of that changed. Throwing more things away = buying them over and over again.

I don’t want to completely devalue the importance of masks and gloves, but so far they’re turning out to be an absolute farce. What a disappointment.

But what do YOU think about this issue? How can we safely get rid of contaminated masks and gloves? Reply to this newsletter and let us know what needs to be done!

Masks Are Now Mandatory in Melbourne

The irresponsible disposal of face masks isn’t being helped by the fact that they are now becoming mandatory in an increasing number of areas. 120 countries as of this writing and counting!

Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, is now making it mandatory for people to wear masks. They’re already two weeks in a six-week lockdown and I’m surprised they didn’t enforce this since Day 1, but that’s another story for another time.

Especially considering this is the 18th day in a row where the number of new daily COVID-19 infections are in the triple digits (484 on Wednesday alone).

And here’s where the ruling gets really punitive: A fine of $200 AUD ($140 USD) can be issued by the police to anybody who does not cover their face.

Australia is not playing around and they are doing everything they can to double down. Unless damn near everyone complies with every single rule of the lockdown and the number of daily infections are reduced to low double digits, nobody is going anywhere, anytime soon.

Aircraft Deliveries from United Airlines: Not in 2022 As Promised…

United Airlines doesn’t see a bright future for their sales, at least not until an effective COVID-19 vaccine is released to the public. They anticipate sales plateauing at 50% of their volume in 2019, followed by the remaining 50% arriving when the vaccine is released.

It makes sense when you consider that their Q2 2020 revenues of $1.48 billion are a measly 13% of the $11.4 billion they generated in Q2 2019.

And it’s had a huge impact on their aircraft deliveries: They were originally due in 2022, but now the deadline has been pushed back indefinitely for the time being. They cannot see demand for air travel internationally or in America increasing over the next few years, so it makes sense for them to halt their plans for expanding.

But even though the aircraft deliveries are the main topic of this story, there’s just so much more bad news coming out of this company.

For instance, 32,000 of their employees have VOLUNTEERED to take a temporary leave of absence. The inevitable large-scale layoffs are so apparent that people are dipping out early to avoid what will be inevitable on October 1st, 2020.

How Will Spirit Airlines Make Up Their $144 Million Loss in Q2 2020?

With a $144.4 million loss reported by Spirit Airlines in Q2 2020, revenues have fallen by 86% and earnings on their diluted shares are a measly $1.67 per unit.

So how on God’s green earth do they intend to cover this loss and put the company back on track towards profitability during the worst economic conditions we’ve seen in over a decade?

Very simple: They’re going to sell 9 MILLION shares of company stock at prices as high as $17.25 in a dilutive, secondary offering. Should they find willing buyers at their desired price point, they can expect to rake in a total of $155.2 million.

But this is a huge risk the company is taking, as their Form 424(B)(5) filing acknowledges that over 4 million shares may be unsold due to failure to find investors who will buy their shares at the price they want.

As of Thursday, shares were trading at $17.50 in the afternoon when this news broke out. They have a great chance of succeeding, but the odds are far and away from 100%. Still, this financial gamble could make or break the company’s survival.

Which Countries Are on Ireland’s “Green List” for Traveling?

After weeks of deciding which countries can travel from towards Ireland, the Irish government has finally come up with a “green list”: If the individual’s country of residence has the same or lower infection rate than Ireland, they are added to the list. Furthermore, the individual will be able to travel without having to subject themselves to a 14-day quarantine.

The “green list” countries are as follows:

Hungary, Estonia, San Marino, Monaco, Gibraltar, Slovakia, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, Greenland, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Malta, and Norway.

If your country is NOT on this list, you’ll have to fill out a form when you arrive and do the two-week quarantine. This includes countries such as the UK, the US, Portugal, Spain, and France.

On top of this brand-new restriction, Ireland has also adopted brand new policies and procedures to test and trace anybody who enters the country. At any moment they so choose, Ireland can even flat-out prevent flights from entering their country.

What do YOU think about Ireland’s new ruling? Is this the right call, or is using their “infection rate” comparison an unfair criterion for determining who can and can’t enter their country? Let us know how you feel by replying to this newsletter!

A Home in Calabria, Italy Can Be Yours for Just $1

With Calabria virtually coronavirus-free in spite of how heavily Italy was impacted by the virus, they’re now facing another problem: Their town is completely unlivable, as young people are fleeing Calabria for the larger cities in droves.

So in a very desperate effort to repopulate the town, their apartment-sized flats are on sale for exactly $1.16 USD (€1). I’m not kidding, and that’s not a typo on my end. You can literally own a beautiful home in Italy for less than the price of a coffee at Starbucks.

Now, there is one caveat we should mention: You would be responsible for completing some maintenance work and necessary upgrades within 3 years of buying the home, on top of paying a policy insurance fee of €250 every year. Failing to do so will get you slapped with a €20,000 fine.

This initiative is being coined as “Operation Beauty” by mayor Michele Conia, who anticipates the total cost of the renovations to be anywhere between $12,000-22,000 (€10,000-20,000).

There will be several dozens of these homes up for sale, with roughly 12 on sale right now.

It’s a hell of a deal for any expat looking to settle down in a very quiet town: Less than $30,000 spent and a deposit so generous you would think it’s a scam – sounds like an offer you literally can’t refuse!

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